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In 2013 we resolved 96% of computer problems during the first visit!


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So why students?

Our support team is fully staffed by IT students from your local area. They’re ideally suited to help you sort out your IT problems because they work with computers every day and they know all about the latest IT developments. Every one of our students:

  • Undergoes a 5 hour induction
  • Provides at least 2 references
  • Undergoes a CRB check
  • Provides a passport, utility bill and letter from their university as proof of identity
  • Is fully insured

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Student spotlight

Name: Jacob
Age: 20
University: University of Sussex
Primary service area: West-Sussex
Specialty: Teaching, Web development, Windows

"I specialise in web development and have worked closely with several companies building and implementing their public we..." Read more
Name: Daniel
Age: 22
University: Birmingham City University
Primary service area: Birmingham-North
Specialty: Teaching, Software

"I have extensive experience in customer service and care, and maintaining high standards regarding this is important to ..." Read more
Name: Mihir
Age: 21
University: Brunel
Primary service area: Middlesex
Specialty: Troubleshooting

"I have taught of people how to resolve problems within a computer system such as removing viruses, giving advice for a f..." Read more
Name: Yahya
Age: 19
University: Queen Mary University
Primary service area: East London
Specialty: Teaching, Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8, Mac Os X, Microsoft Office, Computer Maintenance, Mobile Phone Devices (iOS, Android), Internet Set-Up, Email Set-Up, Virus Removal.

"Having gained experience in using Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X operating systems, I have a huge array of knowledge in pr..." Read more
Name: Madeline
Age: 20
University: London South Bank University
Primary service area: Border-Kent
Specialty: Windows, Mac, Troubleshooting, MS Office, Teaching

"I have always been known for being able to help people when it comes to learning about a new topic as I think that I am ..." Read more
Name: Matthew
Age: 25
University: London Metropolitan
Primary service area: East London
Specialty: Troubleshooting

"As a digital artist I enjoy creating artwork and 3D designs. I am passionate about technology and gadgetry and enjoy com..." Read more
Name: Zahid
Age: 20
University: Queen Mary University
Primary service area: London-East
Specialty: Webdesign

"My aim is to make technology accessible to everyone. I specialise in Windows and Apple OSX along with smartphones and ta..." Read more
Name: Bharat
Age: 21
University: Brunel University
Primary service area: Middlesex
Specialty: Installing software, Web Design (HTML, Css), Security, Slow Computers

"Everyone is different and has their own way of learning. also the way to communicate what is happening will be different..." Read more
Name: Kashif
Age: 21
University: Brunel University
Primary service area: Middlesex
Specialty: Teaching, Windows 8

"I have taught clients on how to use Windows 8 and have good communication skills. I am good with computing hardware and ..." Read more
Name: Avinash
Age: 21
University: Brunel
Primary service area: Hertfordshire
Specialty: Apple specialist

"I taught my dad how to use a computer, I found it to be an interesting experience. I also have experience in making IOS ..." Read more

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