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In 2013 we resolved 96% of computer problems during the first visit!


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How it works

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How it works

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So why students?

Our support team is fully staffed by IT students from your local area. They’re ideally suited to help you sort out your IT problems because they work with computers every day and they know all about the latest IT developments. Every one of our students:

  • Undergoes a 5 hour induction
  • Provides at least 2 references
  • Undergoes a CRB check
  • Provides a passport, utility bill and letter from their university as proof of identity
  • Is fully insured

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Student spotlight

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 20
University: Brunel University
Primary service area: West-London
Specialty: Virus removal, teaching

"As an IT student it is a challenge to find a part-time job that allows you to use your skills and knowledge. I am very h..." Read more
Name: Michael
Age: 28
University: Westminster
Primary service area: London-East
Specialty: Teaching

"I often teach family and friends how to sort out issues with their Mac or PC, for instance, I taught a relative how to n..." Read more
Name: Xhesi
Age: 20
University: Kingston University
Primary service area: Surrey
Specialty: Windows, MS Office, Photoshop

"I have taught many of my fellow classmates at university. While working for Student@Home I am able to apply my teaching ..." Read more
Name: Harry
Age: 20
University: University of Brighton
Primary service area: Sussex
Specialty: Teaching

"I have a lot of experience with graphics software and I believe I am an excellent problem solver. I enjoy troubleshootin..." Read more
Name: Intiaz
Age: 21
University: Brunel
Primary service area: London - West
Specialty: Mac expert

"I am a massive Apple fan and as a result I am expert with Apple products. Currently, I am running lessons with family a..." Read more
Name: Edem
Age: 34
University: London South-Bank
Primary service area: South East London
Specialty: Teaching, Virus removal, networks

"I have been working for Student@Home for a year and a half and it has been a great experience. I am currently completing..." Read more
Name: Rishi
Age: 24
University: Brunel
Primary service area: Berkshire
Specialty: Speeding up slow computers

"I get great enjoyment fixing computer related problems and being a student myself I know how frustrating it is when your..." Read more
Name: Mihir
Age: 21
University: Brunel
Primary service area: Middlesex
Specialty: Troubleshooting

"I have taught of people how to resolve problems within a computer system such as removing viruses, giving advice for a f..." Read more
Name: Matthew
Age: 25
University: London Metropolitan
Primary service area: East London
Specialty: Troubleshooting

"I am confident in troubleshooting and using a PC and want to help others by bringing my skills to Student@Home" Read more
Name: Siavoush
Age: 23
University: Westminster
Primary service area: London - North West
Specialty: Computer set-up

"I have spent a reasonable amount of time around computers since an early age and as a result have gained knowledge on ma..." Read more

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